Monday, March 1, 2010

Whats Happening

So much has happened like Christmas, Ashley's birthday she is 24, Joey's birthday 25, Our 5 year anniversary and Jordie-bugs birthday party for his 4th birthday.

We have also made alot for sure dates: Joey will receive his elder March 21, Ally is finally getting blessed March 27 ( she wanted to wait for her daddy:)), We are taking our Endowments out in SanAntonio April 10 at 10:30 am and we will finally be getting sealed for ETERNITY April 17 in Utah (most likely Mt. Timpanogos. ) Lots of events we are so extremely excited and blessed

Jordie-bug , BoBo , Brother and Rock:
Tomorrow he will be 4 wow he is growing up so fast.
He is in Karate now and loves it, he is the youngest ( not the smallest) in his class, they had to see if he could keep up because he is young and he did so once again he is with the bigger kids.
He asked me for hooked on phonics for his birthday.. Why because he said he is ready to read already. lol !!!
His new favorite thing is spelling out words and rhyming.
He loves to draw on his TOY STORY magna doodle ( and he is really good to)
He still loves Buzz lightyear and the toy story gang
Last but not least he still wants to be a palentologist and is still pationate about dinosaurs and animals .. :)
Although he is our little nerd, he still wants to play sports he is getting ready to start t-ball. He wants to play baseball, hockey and footaball.
He would love to live in Utah but he tells everyone that Jesus told us we need to stay here right now and now is not the time, but we will see everyone in the temple.

Brother and Sissy They love eachother it is true Jordan has got to be one of the best big brothers ever. Even his most special dinosaurs if his sissy wants them he will let her chew on them. I feel so sorry for the person who tries to be mean or kiss "his pretty princess" She loves him just as much if Jordan is crying or in time out she will growl at me and try to crawl to him.

Our Ally J. LuLu and Pretty Princess and her new tricks

She is our monkey she loves to jump and jump and jump all day lol she gets so excited when we say " Jumpy Jumpy"

She is a talker, she never stops her favorite words are "BoBoBo" for Brother , and Dada she saids Mam Mam for mama only when she is sad lol

She is all girl except for her very masculine GROWL lol she is known for it at church and because people laugh she doesn't stop lol

She loves to have people sing to her, especially if her name is in the song. Her favorite song for daddy to sing to her is " Ally pop Ally Pop Oh la la Ally pop " lol she gets so excited and waits for him to make a big pop sound... lol they are silly

She has him so wrapped around his finger its hilarious she is def. a DADDY'S GIRL, there is no other word for it :)

Christmas and Christmas Eve Party : Santa took a break just to come visit us and hang out with all the kids.

uncle Dustin and Jordie- bug

Just chillin with Santa, He told Jordan that he is such a good boy !!! :)

Christmas Morning

uncle Dustin and Ally J at the Party

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